a new way to learn computational

science & engineering

what is mynerva?

Mynerva is a textbook platform developed for teaching computational data science. Every chapter in the book is punctuated by conceptual multiple-choice quizzes, auto-graded programming assignments, or a reflective summary of the content so far. Mynerva is designed to support student learning and ensure sufficient understanding of the course material before progressing to the next concept. Mynerva guides the student, one step at a time, towards a working algorithm that, when complete, can recognize their own handwriting, video background subtraction, image de-noising, synchronizing signals, and more.

can I try it?

We're hard at work to bring Mynerva to students and instructors as quickly as possible. We plan to announce our plans for the platform, including a few demo codices (like Julia 101 and Neural Nets for Binary Classification in late July.

what are students saying?

This is one of the best things I've seen. I think it should replace textbooks for most programming classes
I liked the built–in conceptual questions and proofs and instant feedback because they helped me learn the concepts. I'd recommend other courses to adopt a similar system if it makes sense for them.

mynerva in action

A prototype of Mynerva has been used to teach Computational Data Science & Machine Learning at the University of Michigan as well as for guest lectures at MIT and other institutions.